A One-Stop Resource for Educators

This page is intended to provide you with links to tools that can help you to enrich your instruction.

Initially I will be posting links and videos, later this will develop into additional training resources.


Adobe Slate

Adobe Slate is a free, easy to use, digital storytelling app for an iPad.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Slate is a free, easy to use, video application that you can use from a browser or download the app for an iPad.



Audacity is free, open-source audio software. You can use it to make audio podcasts; it is also one of the recommended platforms for use in the world languages AP Language and Culture Exams.


Boolean Search Terms

Using Boolean search terms to naviage the internet can help you to find what your looking form much more quickly.



With a free Microsoft account, you can create a digital portfolio on Docs.com.


Google Photos

If you keep running out of storage on your smartphone, why not download the Google Photos app. Your photos and videos will be stored in the cloud, and you will be able to access the, from a computer or any internet connected device. Google offers free, unlimited storage for high-quality digital images and even if you delete the photos from your device, you can still access them from the app or a browser.


Microsoft Learning Tools

With a Microsoft account, you will be able to access the immersive reader via a browser when using Word or OneNote. You can also download the Learning Tools add-in for One Note which has both an immersive reader and a voice to text application.


Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a free digital notebook that you can download to your computer, access from a browser or any smart device. It has a plethora of features and is unmatched by any other digital notebook.


Microsoft Word Templates

This video will demonstrate how you can create great looking documents with Word templates.


Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip is a free, easy to use whiteboard tool. You can use it to take screenshots. However, you can also annotate those screen shots with digital ink and make a short instructional video.

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is a free, super easy to use presentation application. All of your work is stored in the cloud making it easy to publish via social media or any browser. You can create a presentation in a browser or by using the free app available across most operating systems; you will need a Microsoft account.


Office Mix - add-in for PowerPoint 2013 or higher

Office Mix is a powerful add-in for PowerPoint. You will be able to embed questions and polls and review the analytics to determine how long users spend on slides, how many times they watch them and their scores for embeded checks for understanding. Additionally there is an digital ink feature and the ability to record slides and screencast. This is a wonderful tool if you plan to implement a blended learning classroom.





PaperRater is a website that will proofread your written assignments free of charge. Simply paste your work into the website, and you will receive a report that provides recommendations on how you can improve your writing.